Wonder Woman has a great, new director

Earlier this week, reports came out that Michelle MacLaren left Wonder Woman because of creative differences. Like I said, this is not only a problem she had with Warner Bros. but Zack Snyder is the guy who has the – almost – definitive vision of this universe.  Zack Snyder wanted the movie to be set in the Crimean War, while MacLaren wanted WWI. Also, Steve Trevor (her boyfriend in the comics) was going to be portrayed as some kind of damsel in distress. That would be a fun twist to see on the big screen, but it clearly depends on how the character is written. If the character is incompetent, then the audience will question why someone like Diana would have him as a sentimental partner.

Warner Bros. has a new director for Wonder Woman and the lucky woman is Patty Jenkins who was previusly attach to direct Thor: The Dark World, but left the project because of creative differences with Marvel. Jenkins has not directed a movie since the great Monster, so it will be interesting to see what her vision is for one the most famous female characters and arguably the most important female character in the history of comic books.

The studio deserves an applause for getting a director for their production so fast, but let’s see if this doesn’t fall again, since Jenkins had creatives differences previously when she was working in another superhero movie. This may change and maybe she agreed to everything Warner Bros. is asking to be in the movie. I like the choice, she’s a great director. Wonder Woman is back on track again.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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