Michele MacLaren leaves Wonder Woman

Later last year, we reported that director Michele MacLaren was going to direct the live-action adaptation of Wonder Woman  which will be a part of the DC Cinematic Universe that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice* is kicking off. MacLaren had been involved in the project for a while but I was hearing that there was some differences behind the scenes. The director had a very specific vision of what the film had to be like and maybe she was about to make some major changes to the character. According to Devin Faraci, he and the studio could not even agree on what time period to set the film.


“Given creative differences, Warner Bros. and Michelle MacLaren have decided not to move forward with plans to develop and direct ‘Wonder Woman’ together,” stated a Warner Bros. representative.

Maybe this is not only about Warner Bros. and Michelle. Zack Snyder is the mind behind this cinematic universe and he is setting the tone for almost of the stories that will be told in further years. Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The Lego Movie, 21 Jump Street) were confirmed last week to work on the screenplay of The Flash maybe they will get the chance to shake the tone of the universe a little just like Ayer is doing with Suicide Squad. Who knows what difference was so big, MacLaren had to leave the production because at least David Ayer is allowed to play with the tone and the story.

This would be the second time that a female director exits a major comic book movie. Patti Jenkins parted ways with Marvel after having creative differences for Thor: The Dark World. 

Wonder Woman is still on for a 2017 release, but who knows who will be director. If I would have to throw a name, Jennifer Kent is a great choice if they are only looking for female directors. She made an incredible job on The Babadook.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter/The Wrap

*Man of Steel didn’t kick off the plans for a cinematic universe, the plans started when they were looking for stories for the sequel.


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