Here’s Daredevil red suit from the new Netflix series

I have seen the suit before but never a picture with Charlie Cox wearing the costume. When I was illustrating the Daredevil poster I got the chance to get a glimpse of what he would look like. I gotta admit, the suit was a bit different than this final version and it hurts me to say this: it looked a bit better, his look was simpler.

I’ve been involved in some Marvel stuff, anything big since I don’t really have the time to be fully into these projects (it’s not movies or tv, don’t get too excited) and I have friend who actually work on the bigger Marvel Studios projects… but I have to be honest. I’m not digging the final result of this suit.


Earlier today I talked how the Thing is almost impossible to adapt in the live-action form because he has a very expressive face, but Josh Trank and his team nailed the look of the character. The Thing looks amazing.

Daredevil is more adaptable, too bad they went in this Nolaneske route with the suit. It worked with Batman, but this armored suit that looks like the 90’s run in the comic books is not very nice. There’s stuff that I love about the costume, for example the color looks right. The black eyes were a nice addition and whatever the hell is on his shoulders look really nice too.

I had the chance to see the first two episodes, and they’re good. Marvel’s Daredevil is a very street-level based TV  show and what I got to see was very interesting. There’s not a lot action in the first two episodes, but the characters are beyond great and Charlie Cox is the best Matt Murdock we ever had on screen.


There’s talks for a second season, they’re almost going with it, maybe they will have a better suit for the next 13 episodes.


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