Film review – Furious 7

I have never seen a full theatre in years. I saw a full theatre for Furious 7.

Paul Walker’s loss haunts the film and I knew a lot of what they did behind the scenes to give a good ending to Brian’s arch. Many came with the question of how are they going to handle Walker’s character now that he is not with us anymore. Are they going to kill Brian? Is he going to come home when the movie hits the 30-minute mark? Even if I was looking for CGI and I was constantly thinking that Paul Walker is gone and how are they going to handle his absence, I did enjoy the movie. I can tell you right now, this movie has a perfect ending and Brian’s last minutes and Paul’s good-bye are really heart touching.

There’s a lot going on in Furious 7, since the movie starts the audience have some things they will have to remember through the film. It starts right away with Statham who plays Deckard Shaw, and who will serve the film as some kind of slasher movie killer who shows up almost everywhere where Dom and his crew go.

But Deckard is not the only new addition to the franchise. Kurt Russell brings Mr. Nobody to life, a character that will remind of The Avengers Nick Fury or even M from the 007 franchise. Besides Russell, Game of Thrones Nathalie Emmanuel joins the cast of the Fast and the Furious as a hacker who creates a device known as the God’s Eye. There’s plenty of things going on, but also Djimon Hounsou is tossed in the movie as a terrorist called Jakande.

Dom and his crew are working alongside Mr. Nobody to catch Deckard Shaw and it’s since the moment the join forces, Furious 7 becomes a very fun and action packed movie now that they are involved in some kind of black operations with fast cars and amazing stunts. Also, Furious 7 features the best action scenes in the franchise.

Wan’s direction is good and he deserves a long applause because of everything he did for the movie. James adapts to the classic style of the previous films, but he also brought some of his own style into the movie. Wan does this great thing where he locks the camera on a body when it falls, specially during fight scenes. The director doesn’t not bring many new things, but he made this a bigger movie and that’s really good.

Furious 7 is ridiculous, but not in the bad way. It’s fun. Everytime that they’re supposed to die, they get out of the situation with no scratches. There’s also scenes where logic is completely off, but it doesn’t matter because it’s so enjoyable. These characters have a lot of charisma and the relationships feel real. I love this “family”, that’s why I’m invested and it’s easy for me to sit down and have a good time with these people.


I was never a fan of the first four films, in fact, I used to hate the second one and the third one. The fourth installment fell flat for and I got finally on board when the fifth movie came out, which took an amazing turn and carried the franchise in a great and fresh direction. Fast 6 was more of the same, and it was just as enjoyable as its predecesor. Furious 7 is bigger and louder and really good. The film is not getting a positive review because of Walker’s loss, it’s because the franchise has been growing. Furious  plot-wise – may not be the greatest film in the franchise, but it definitely earns the positive reviews it will get. I disliked the editing, though.

With an ending that perfectly wraps up Brian’s story while giving a warm good-bye to Paul Walker and amazing action sequences, Furious 7 it’s a must see.


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