You already saw the new Fantastic Four poster

I wrote a rant about the new Fantastic Four movie when someone tell me the complete plot of the adaptation. I hated it, just because it wasn’t what I was expecting when the movie was first announced. After watching the first trailer, I became pro-Fantastic Four. I understood this was a darker version of the story and it’s not the same thing that came in 2005, which was very bad. I’m not against the movie anymore, but the marketing…

The marketing of this movie is bad, really bad. I have to admit, I lost curiosity about this movie. I wrote about movies on the internet, of course I’m going to see Fantastic Four, but what about the other people? Most of people I know don’t know anything about the reboot. Many people already saw the trailer the released early this year, but it’s forgotten now. Marvel have been dropping amazing trailers for their Avengers sequel and it’s very likely that before Fantastic Four hits movie theatres audiences will see a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. This movie is getting overshadowed by these huge movies and Fox is not making the effort to market this film decently.

There’s some good Photoshop work in this poster. The Human Torch has flame hands and Sue Storm looks transparent. But this is a still image from the trailer with text on it. It’s a good poster, but Fox, market this movie properly.



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