Marvel may already have a Captain Marvel

A very long time ago, we reported that Captain Marvel may show up in Avengers: Age of Ultron in the form of a cameo. Accorfing to El Mayimbe from Latino Review, Marvel Studios kept in secret the fact that they already have an actress locked in the Carol Danvers role for future MCU movies. If this information is true, audiences will know who Ms. Marvel (that’s how she is referred in the script) in May.


In the scoop, El Mayimbe has more to share. According to him, Marvel has brought in Jim Starlin as a consultant on the standalone Captain Marvel movie. Jim Starlin working on this is actually great news, this man brought Thanos, Adam Warlock and Infinity Gauntlet. Many people refer to Jim Starlin as the father of Cosmic Marvel, since the studio is making some of their stories more cosmic oriented and Captain Marvel is more set on space. Starling’s thoughts will be very valuable for Phase 3.

It’s very likely that audiences will see Captain Marvel before her stand alone film. Honestly, I just hope this actress is Emily Blunt or – for selfish reasons – Natalie Dormer.

Source: Latino-Review.


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