Marvel is currently looking at this kid for Spider-Man

It’s been widely reported that Marvel wants their new Spider-Man to be young. It looks like, according to Devin Faraci’s sources, they want Peter Parker to be really  young. If Spidey is showing in the upcoming Civil War, they need to cast an actor right now. They need to cast this kid at least. According to Devin’s sources, this kid, Mateus Ward, actually aditioned this 16 year old for the role of Peter Parker. This was so secret they didn’t had a meeting inside of an office, Mateus auditioned in a house.

I’m not quite familiar with his previous work, but Mateus Ward was a child actor in the Showtime’s series Weeds. As everyone who is informed about Phase 3 and the Spider-Man reboot for Marvel Studios, they’re looking for 16-17 year old actors. They’re going with the teenage version of the character. Definitely they don’t want their Peter Parker to be 30 at the second film.


I think the kid looks like a good fit, I guess, since I don’t know his work. But having an actual teenage kid playing Spider-Man helps the movie. It helps Civil War where he will try to fit in a group of adult heroes.

Source: Badass Digest


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