Batman’s role is Suicide Squad revealed

El Mayimbe, from Latino-Review has a new scoop and it’s about Suicide Squad. He had a lot of access to this movie since the project first started moving forwards and now he has some new information about Suicide Squad. This time is about the Batman’s role in the movie. It has been rumoured for months that Batman will show up in the movie or he will be present in some kind of form in the film. It seems that people who originally reported that are not wrong, Batman will be in the movie. According to El Mayimbe’s sources, the only person who has really dealt with the Caped Crusader is the Joker. This is something that back ups what Devin Faraci from Badass Digest reported last year: Batman is a shadow, an urban legend. Mayimbe further explains that they see some Batman footage in the movie where he is in action, and Amanda Waller says he is the key to track all the “supers”, although, I’ve heard that the term used in Batman V Superman is “metahumans”.  You can stop reading here, if you don’t want slight spoilers.


Since in these new adaptations Batman is a urban legend type of character, Warner Bros. Is setting up a big chanllenge for them, which isn’t bad, but it will definitely will make some things difficult as this cinematic universe moves forward. Maybe they’re going to make prequel films that actually have a good story, a nice villain, but at the same time, no one gets to see Batman.

Also, just to end the article, reports are that the new Joker played by Jared Leto will be bulkier this time, not like the one we saw in The Dark Knight. Apparently this version is influenced by the kind of Joker that appeared in The Dark Knight Returns. Is not bad that they are building this universe around that comic book, but I will like to see more than that. The Dark Knight Returns is a nice take on the character but I belive not everything has to be based on that. Hopefully, when we get movies like Flash, Aquaman or Wonder Woman, we can see something different and not based on Miller’s work.

Source: Latino-Review


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