Producer Adi Shankar explains what needs to happen for Dredd 2 to be made

Adi Shankar, who has been lately headlining movie sites, released a new bootleg, this time about 007. This past few weeks the producer has been quite active on social and has been connecting to the world specially by using YouTube. Yesterday the producer of the Dredd reboot and the Power Rangers short film which came out some weeks ago took his YouTube channel to explains what needs to happen to make a Dredd sequel.

People want a new Dredd movie. The movie was not financially successful, making $35.6 million after spending $50 million in the film.

According to the producer one of the main issues is that Dredd was an independent film, and in its defense, not a lot people know what Judge Dredd is. The movie was not backed by a major studio like Warner Bros. that can’t be convinced to put money for a sequel of a film that previously bombed. Investors do not see profit in a Dredd sequel, even if the film has developed a cult following after its release.

“My hope is that this video demystifies the film financing process for public. In the brave new world of the Internet, trade secrets need to become a thing of the past.”

After this quick introduction, he gave a little lesson in film finance, where he proceeds to explains D+I+S (Domestic value, International value and subsidy/govt. rebate). If you’re interested you can see the full video below:
Source: Adi Shankar.


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