Jurassic World director to helm sci-fi triller Intelligent Life

Jurassic World is set to open this summer and Colin Trevorrow already has another project under his arm. He is working with Steven Spielberg again, but this is not another Jurassic Park sequel. According to The Hollywood Reporter DreamWorks just picked up the Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow attached to direct.

The director wrote the movie with his collaborator Derek Connolly who worked with him in Safety Not Guaranteed and the latest Jurassic World sequel. Frank Marshall will produce the film and Trovorrow will also serve the film as a executive producer alongside Steven Spielberg.

The Hollywood Reporter adds:

Plot details are being kept secret but the project is said to have its roots in an earlier Trevorrow-Connolly project titled The Ambassador.

That project was intended to act as a follow-up to the duo’s acclaimed indie Safety Not Guaranteed and set up at Big Beach, the shingle run by Peter Saraf and Marc Turtletaub, as a low-budget sci-fi thriller. Ambassador told of a UN worker in a department that was to represent humankind in the event of alien contact. The man falls in love with a mysterious woman who turns out to be an alien.

It’s also important to see the good signals here. Steven Spielberg is working with this man again, which could mean he actually did a good job with Jurassic World. Intelligent Life doesn’t sounds like a huge important property such as Transfomers.  This really helps to hype up the latest Jurassic sequel, even more.

What do the Geek Broadside readers think about Colin Trevorrow directing Intelligent Life? Don’t forget, Jurassic World opens July 12th.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.


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