The CW’s Firestorm: Meeting the Nuclear Man!

By: John Ervin

Come one, come all! For today I wish to share with you a topic so epic, that you could even say that it’s NUCLEAR! Today is the day we discuss… FIRESTORM THE NUCLEAR MAN!


     Firestorm is a character in the DC comic universe created originally by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom as a Nuclear based superhero able to change molecular structures, and create nuclear fire blasts, similar to cold fusion.

     The original Firestorm was the product of average high school student Ronnie Raymond and a Nobel prize winning scientist named Martin Stein who were both caught with each other in a nuclear accident which was not only able to fuse them together in one form, but was also able to give them superpowers. After that faithful accident and discovering what they were able to do when fused together then they decided to defend the innocent of New York.

                                                 Firestorm in the Comics

  • Firestorm, the Nuclear Man issue one was first released in March of 1978
  • There was a comic version in the comics where Ronnie was killed in action and Martin Stein was left alone to carry on the identity of Firestorm. This was typically seen in the 1990’s Firestorm the Nuclear Man vol. 2. 

Yes, the story of Firestorm is in fact one that has made it through the test of time as a icon hero so it’s only natural that with the superheroes that DC comics is placing on the big screen that Firestorm should be released to the media as well. And for all of you faithful followers who do not know, or follow the series of Arrowor The Flash then not only is it important for me to explain what has happened to this character, but also hope that by reading then that you’ll be eager to watch the shows for yourselves. Now it’s time for you to get up to speed with what exactly the CW has done with the character, or should I say characters, Firestorm.

Ronnie Raymond is a character on The Flash, he was the fiance of Dr. Katelyn Snow before Dr. Wells gave the “All clear” to fire up the particle accelerator. Something didn’t appear to be right to Ronnie and Cisco so they went to go investigate what was happening. Ronnie went into the mechanical foundations of the accelerator where the energy ring was believed to about to pop so he could see if there was anything to do to fix it. He told Cisco that if he wasn’t out of the room in 5 minutes then to shut the shield doors, because he would rather die than have the rest of the people above watching to die. It came to where Cisco had no choice but to shut the shield doors. Katelyn came in just as the explosion happened after hearing Ronnie over a walkie talkie say, ” Katelyn, whatever happens I will always love…” Ronnie never finished that statement due too  the explosion of the particle accelerator. Everyone thought Ronnie had done that night but in the episode 12, Crazy for you, we see that Ronnie, the day of the explosion was turned in molecular energy and fused outside the building with visiting physicist Dr. Martin Stein, who had met Barry on the train earlier that day, was carrying a sample of his work with cold fusion which would explain that they have the powers they now do when joined together, but unlike the comics, at first Martin refused Ronnie’s mind to take any control of the body functions, basically trying to handle everything himself. After figuring out what happened to Ronnie and Dr. Stein the team then decided that it was time to locate them and do their best to separate them. After a successful prototype that was able to separate the two men from each other, they decided that they hated each other and since they were no longer fused together then there was in fact no reason to stay around each other, but shortly afterward they are hunted from an old friend of their’s who isn’t so new from the Star Labs team either, General Wade Ireling of the United States army. General Ireling personally attacked Ronnie at Gitters, a local coffee shop, while he was spending time with Katelyn, trying to convince her that they needed to get out of town so that they could move on with their lives together, because he didn’t want Star Labs to take anymore time of their lives away than what it already has. After the General’s second attempt, he kidnaps Dr. Stein thanks to some confusing help from Dr. Wells who lies about the whole situation and then does his part to help free Stein when it was partly his fault Stein was kidnapped in the first place. Seriously, I’m still on this topic, what is up with Dr. Wells!!!? But then, afterwards when after Ronnie and Dr. Stein reform Firestorm and have decided to go visit a colleague that may be able to help them figure out exactly everything that Firestorm can do, sounds a lot like superhero boot camp.

Having Firestorm on the show was completely awesome to watch, but we shouldn’t be missing him too much. Before re-fusing with Dr. Stein as Firestorm Ronnie told Katelyn that he was coming back so I’m betting that we all who keep up with The Flash will be seeing Firestorm again real soon. Please continue to keep up with our Flash and Arrow updates right here on Geek Broadside beginning back on March 18th.


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