Producer DeVon Franklin reveals concept art for He-Man’s Battle Cat

This movie is one of those projects trapped in development. It’s a terrible thing, because in the era we live, He-Man could be a great live-action adaptation if it’s well handled.

According to the producer’s Twitter account, the film looks like something that could advance in the following months. Also, he has been telling to his followers that the movie is fully dependent on the new head at Sony, Tom Rothman.

Some weeks ago Frankling unveiled what could be the film’s logo.


And early this week, he dropped a piece of concept art from the movie: Battle Cat. It looks like they’re taking this seriously, judging by the color palette. There’s some green here and there, but overall it’s dark. I like the way it looks, the design looks really good. I mean, this is basically a tiger with armor, to see more of what their vision is, I want to see how He-Man will look like, or the world he is in. Personally, I would hate if the film takes some kind of 300 route and focuses on being serious and good looking more than a good film.

I hope to see more concept art in the following weeks. Maybe we are getting the first He-Man in some days or months, if the producer is revelaing these images.

descarga (1)

I guess the right tone and pitch for this movie is Guardians of the Galaxy-like approach. When there’s both serious and light moments, it’s a bouncy film, that ended up being a lot of fun. This would be the first take on this property since 1987’s Masters of the Univese with Dolph Lundgreen.

What do you guys think about the concept art?

Source: DeVon Franklin.


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