Oscars considering going back to 5 best picture nominees

This are not good or bad news. The Academy is just considering to return to 5 picture nominees. The Oscars expanded its Best Picture category from 5 nominees to 10 in 2009 after the backlash of omitting The Dark Knight from the 2008’s nominees. The following years, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences had from 5 to 10 nominees in the Best Picture category.

Good thing about having more than 5 movies in that category is the fact that more movies get buzz. In United States, the movies mostly open months before the Oscars, in Latin America, it’s a different case. Most of the movies that are nominated for best picture came out in Awards Season in Latin America, because there’s almost no marketing and the press does everything. Having of list of 8 films give those productions a chance to get profit from other countries. Cutting back these nominees to 5, obviously makes that a lot harder.

Having so many nominees didn’t help the Oscars, the ratings remained unchanged, and in fact for many people, the ceremony became more of a boring event since it’s a little bit longer.

But if this happens, it will be tough to see other good movies not making the final cut of nominees. On the other side, films such as Guardians of the Galaxy or Nightcrawler weren’t nominated this year, which is weird because great movies like these should be in those lists. Having many nominees worked sometimes while movies like Beasts of the Southern Wild and Selma got the Academy’s attention, but other many great films were omitted.

What do youn think about the Academy returning to 5 Best Picture nominees?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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