Power Rangers Dino Charge: Roaring up for Action!

By: John Ervin

Now the last time a did a review on a Power Rangers related topic it was over the popular Power/Rangers rated-R fan film. This time I want to talk to you about the newest season of the real brand. Power Rangers Dino Charge has now been aired on Nickelodeon for the past four Saturdays now giving us the first four episodes of the series. In those four episodes we have seen probably the best acting that’s been on the show in a long time, and also the best written plot in a while… well, so far anyway.

The story-line is about the guardian of these special energems, which can give a living being tremendous power, named Keeper who is trying to keep the energems away from an angry, galactic bounty hunter named Sludge who refuses to leave the Keeper alone until he has gotten his hands on the energems himself, but the Keeper was able to make it to a prehistoric Earth which is inhabited by dinosaurs safely with the energems. He then assigns a group of different dinosaurs to guard their chosen energem, by having their spirits bond with them. Afterwards, a fight that the Keeper has with one of Sludge’s minions causes Sludge’s space craft to let loose of his meteorites which he was planning to sell for a lot of money, and that meteorite heads in towards Earth has impact and causes the extinction of the dinosaurs. 6.5 million years later five different teenagers, from five different backgrounds come together after finding the energems and are called by the Keeper and and archaeologist Kendall Morgan to form a team of elite protectors chosen to defend the world from Sludge using the power of dinosaurs and energems.

  • Tyler Navarro (Red Ranger): Tyler found the red energem while in a cave searching for clues to find his missing father. He runs into Shelby when she finds her energem and finds trouble with one of Sludge’s minions.
  • Koda (Blue Ranger): A caveman who found the blue energem while writing on a cave wall. He had survived for the million years he did, because you stop aging after bonding by an energem.
  • Chase Randall (Black Ranger): A New Zealand, 18 year old skateboarder who has a special way with the ladies. Chase was the second one to find his energem next to Koda, but was the first to be found by Kendall and Keeper thus making him the first Dino Charge Power Ranger.
  • Riley Griffin (Green Ranger): A 17 year old male who group up on his family ranch, but unlike his older brother Matt Riley likes to fence rather than be a cowboy. He is also, because of fencing, an absolutely skilled swordsmen and used those skills while saving his dog from one of Sludge’s minions and finding the green energem in a rock during the battle. After finding the energem he heads out to the Amber city museum for answers, and that’s where he meets up with Tyler, and Shelby and how they pair up with Chase and Koda as a team.
  • Shelby Watkins (Pink Ranger): An 18 year old tomboy is a stubborn, strong willed, and uninterested in anything that’s not related to dinosaurs. She was just a waitress at the museum’s restaurant who found the pink energem when it was in a fossil crate that was being stolen by one of Sludge’s minions and she shows her best efforts to claim back the crate which is when the energem bonds with her.

Honestly, I myself know that it’s not as good as what the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers used to be, but Dino Charge definitely isn’t as bad as what the Power Rangers have been in years past. So far we’ve seen some pretty good special effects, some great acting, and a season where we finally, once again have characters that have great background stories which can be somewhat realistic. Plus, the series has really spiced some things up like, this is the first Power Ranger series that doesn’t have a yellow Ranger on the team, and also we’ll be seeing some brand new Ranger colors coming to the show, most talked about by Saban has been the coming soon Graphite and Violet Ranger.

This season is moving pretty well in it’s origin, and if follow it, episode 4 should contain Chase finally using his Para zord! Man, I can’t wait to see what the team’s full Megazord looks like! Power Rangers Dino Charge runs on Nickelodeon Saturdays at 8/7c and as you follow not just Power Rangers Dino Charge, but our posts here at Geek Broadside as always remember, IT’S MORPHIN TIME!!!


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