The Flash: The Scarlet Speedster on CW

By: John Ervin

“To understand what I’m about to tell you, you have to do something first. You have to believe in the impossible, can you do that? Good.”

— Barry Allen

The quote above is from the CW’s Flash television series’ Pilot episode. Barry Allen, a Central City forensic crime scene assistant who lost his mother at a young age do to a super fast yellow speedster known as the Reverse Flash who murdered her. Barry’s Dad had been blamed for her death and Barry, after his father’s arrest, was sent to live with his best-friend and secret crush Iris’s family, typically just her and her Dad, Joe, who is also on the Central City police department and possibly the reason Barry grew up to be the department’s forensic assistant. After the death of his mother and arrest of his father Barry went on a non-ending search for the impossible which had caused him nothing but trouble since other people saw him as an over imaginative boy, that is until the kind of impossible people Barry had been talking about have started attacking Central City.

The Flash is the show, and story of Barry Allen and how a impossible event caused the murder of his Mother and have changed the course of him and his Father’s life in a way that could never have been predicted. Years have passed by and Barry is now in his early twenties still searching for the impossible to help prove the innocence of his Father who has been in prison since the murder case. Barry also is working as a forensic scientist on his foster Dad’s police force, while keeping up with his new favorite hobby other than physics, fighting crime in order to help keep the citizen’s of Central City safe. Now how did this happen? In the pilot episode of The Flash Barry had just returned from Starling City where he met the Arrow, he started as a cameo on  Arrow, just in time before his scientific role model, Dr. Harrison Wells, turned on his particle accelerator. He went to attend the event and also while there he almost tried asking out his crush/best-friend Iris, but backed down under the pressure. As they were in the crowd of people listening to what Dr. Wells had to say about the accelerator Iris’s purse was snatched by a young teen male thief Barry ran after him in a attempt to retrieve it but instead gets his wimpy butt kicked and the criminal is catch and brought into custody by the new member of the police force, Detective Eddie. Barry, after everything gets settled out Barry heads back to his lab where he plans to watch the turning on of the particle accelerator, but instead watches it explode and sees the power wave spread from the building of Star Labs that causes a huge temporary power outage and causes a storm cloud to appear and sends a bolt of lightning that crashes through his roof window and hits him directly which sends him into a coma. After months of intensive care Barry re-awakens at Star Labs which he learns has been taking care of him while he was in the coma. It’s at Star Labs he meets Cisco Ramona , Dr. Kaitlin Snow, and Dr. Harrison Wells, Barry’s role model who created the particle accelerator in the first place. Dr. Wells explains to Barry everything that the accelerator caused, it appears that the accident placed him permanently in a wheelchair, and after examining what was said and after visiting Iris and Joe, his foster dad, Barry tells Dr. Wells that he has been experiencing weird speed attacks and after some scientific tests the team a Star Labs discovers that Barry was one of possibly many Meta-humans effected by explosion of the particle accelerator and has developed super speed, which he decides to use to stop another meta-human, Martin Clyde, who has the ability to control the weather. Cisco allows Barry to use a special uniform he built to replace the tradition uniforms worn by firefighters so he can keep his vitals protected. He rushes in to the area that Martin is attacking and saves Joe by doing so, Martin counters by trying to form a tornado that is big enough to wipe out the city, that’s when Barry pushes himself to his full-out limits and uses his super speed to run around the tornado counter clockwise to kill it off at it’s base. Barry is successful and his identity is revealed to Joe who apologizes to Barry and offers him help to prove his Dad’s innocence and get him out of jail, also He asks him to not tell Iris anything about what he can do to keep her safe.

The series of The Flash has gotten farther into the deeper story than from what we see in the pilot episode, and in that time Barry has saved his city from multiple Meta-humans whom have come to raise havoc, he had even teamed up with Oliver Queen, also known as the Arrow, in a two part episode. From a creative stand point, even from a critic stand point the show Flash is truly a great piece of work. I can’t wait to see what the plan to do with the characters in later episodes. I plan on keeping tabs on The Flash for the readers here on Geek Broadside whom are interested in the show other than myself, so please enjoy. Thanks for all the faithful followers, you are what truly make this blog worth it.


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