Who is Harrison Wells? Friend or Foe?

By: John Ervin

For all of our viewers that keep up with the CW’s The Flash television series I thought an important topic on the subject would be to talk about the character of Doctor Harrison Wells, is he a friend looking to help Barry or a villain with a hidden agenda? Well, the best way to think about this is look at the facts of the actual character and see if there are any connections to one side or the other, or even more possible, a connection towards both.

Dr. Harrison Wells Characteristics

  • Responsible for the particle accelerator explosion which gave Barry and tons of other Meta-Humans their powers and abilities.
  • Has a secret, futuristic room computer voice activated.
  • Has access to future information.
  • Has shown to the views that he is not truly paralyzed from the waist down.
  • He has tempted others to kill others in his way.
  • Made secret deals with his adversaries, and has lied about them to the rest of the team.
  • He has motivated and trained Barry to get faster and a better hero for Central city?
  • He also didn’t rest until he helped Katelyn find and reunite with her once believed to be dead fiance, Ronnie.
  • Finally, it’s been shown to the viewers that Dr. Wells is also secretly the Reverse Flash.

I still can’t believe it, the Reverse Flash, the murder of Barry’s mother is Barry’s role model! But some of this doesn’t completely add up, like if he truly is evil as the original comic book version of the Reverse Flash is then why is he so sentimental to the others? Is it possibly that he actual cares about people and only did what he did for some kind of greater that hasn’t been shown yet, or could he just be trying to keep his real enemies close? Honestly my opinion is the possibility that Harrison Wells was actually born in the future where the Flash has already been around and develops an experiment to alter his cells like Barry’s and travels through time within a time machine like device plans to build the particle accelerator, even plans for it to explode to that he can be altered  with the same abilities as Barry, but since he has altered the future he now has to do everything META-humanly possible to keep the timeline as much in order as possible. Please keep in mind guys that this is just an idea nothing from the producers, I don’t have any real proof that this is accurate, I just wanted to share my thoughts on it, but if we truly want to know the deal with Doctor Wells then remember to keep up with The Flash on the CW returning March 17th 7/8c. I highly recommend this show, please enjoy you guys.


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