POWER/RANGERS (Fan Film): Trash or Garbage?

By: John Ervin

As all of our dedicated readers here a Geek Broadside may be aware of there is now a popular Power Ranger fan film breaking all over social media in only a matter of days. POWER/RANGERS, a fan film (Directed by Joseph Kahn; Written by Joseph Kahn, James Van Der Beek, and Dutch Southern; And Produced by Adi Shankar, and Jil Hardin) has within three days gotten the attention of 10,343,915 viewers on youtube and it’s still climbing in numbers. Of course it was only natural that I, John Ervin (Professional Power Ranger fan), would watch the film for this review, but I honestly have to say that it was a huge disappointment to everything that’s in Saban’s Power Ranger universe!

The special effects, digital editing, and acting we’re great in a quality out look, but COME ON PEOPLE! The adult content story-line was just too much… I mean somebody be honest with me, why would you take the Power Rangers, when you have the resources to make it better, turn it into a twisted, adult version parallel future of the original rangers? Seriously, are any of us concerned or even thinking about the children who go on social media to watch the Power Ranger videos, because they’re not expecting it to contain images of drug use, sexuality, and blood n’ gore. This was just a terrible way to display the show for media.

POWER/RANGERS contained several images of accurate information such as, Zach Taylor’s (original black Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger) own martial art style, Billy’s (original Blue Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger) super above average intelligence, etc, but It displayed the most recognized ranger, Tommy Oliver, as a disturbed alcoholic, and killed off Kimberly! Jason David Frank posted a video voicing about what he thought about the film on his facebook page, and I agree with his logic. You can’t just take the Power Rangers and add a bunch of drugs, sex, and other R rated material. Yes there are Power Ranger fans out there who grew up and like the whole dark world stuff but honestly it’s still just a kid brand by Saban, it maybe cheaply made but give them enough time to come out with the real Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers reboot which is said to be a PG 13 film and I believe we can trust this to be the Ranger film that will fulfill the desire of the older ranger fans of a darker story-line, but I think we’ll also be able to trust it to be safe enough to be fulfill the imaginations of the viewing children.

To wrap this up I will end on this, POWER/RANGERS was a disappointment to Power Ranger universe, and if you disagree then that’s perfectly fine, we all have our opinions, we also have the right to voice them. I will say though that even though the concept of the film is, in my opinion, a bunch of useless trash, I do have to say that the special effects were flawless and the actors showed some serious talent, but other than that, I do not recommend this fan film.


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