Power Rangers get a dark and gritty take

By: Marv Castillo

I was very into the first Power Rangers TV Show when I was a kid. There’s some bits of nostalgia here and there. I’m one of the least excited people on Earth about the Lionsgate movie. I just don’t want them to mess this up. I’m curious, though. How are they going to release a film based on this for mainstream audiences? In fact, I don’t think I will be covering Power Rangers news until I see a teaser. Our very own John Ervin will keep you up to date with all things about the Lionsgate’s Power Rangers.

I’m sure about one thing: we are not getting these Power Rangers. This is take is so dark and violent. So far, I heard the Internet loves this. I like the fan films made by Adi Shankar. The Punisher: Dirty Laundry was a great piece of work and this one is really good looking, but it’s really weird, but most people I know like it.

The short film is violent and it’s definitely a new take on the Power Rangers. Shankar did a video explaining why he made this short. Power/Rangers has talent such as James Van Der Veek and Katee Sackhoff. Enjoy.

Source: Adi Shankar


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