This guy doesn’t take fish jokes: First look at Aquaman

By: Marv Castillo

The Aquaman played by Jason Momoa that we are going to see in the DC Cinematic Universe looks exactly like almost all of us pictured him in our mind. Long hair, covered in tattoos, and pretty much colorless.


The Justice League is shaping up in a very a colorful way, the characters still have darker colors than the Marvel characters… but Wonder Woman has the red and blue, just like Superman. Batman is not completely bLack. Aquaman, I think, for this kind of adaptation has to look really tough and dark.

I still think we are going to get some green over there, and you can see some gold sprinkes in the suit. I’m not disappointed, it’s what I expected.

Zack Snyder took his Twitter account last night to release this picture and added the tagline “Unite the Seven”, which clearly means: unite the Justice League. I don’t think that “Unite the Seven Seas” is valid in a movie like this. According to some people, the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice script has a short cameo characters such as Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. Green Lantern is missing at this point, but perhaps he has been added to one of the upcoming movies in a short cameo. The rumor is that Green Lantern is not going to show up until the second part of Justice League, but reshoots can squeeze him in Dawn of Justice or Justice League.


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