Gina Carano lands a role in the Deadpool movie

By: Marv Castillo

It’s a bummer that the only good movie to see a few days after Valentine’s Day right now is Fifty Shades of Grey, which I will review very soon… but that will change next year when Deadpool hits movie theaters. Ryan Reynolds recently posted a quick tease in his Twitter account where we get a glimpse at the Deadpool costume we could see in the movie and that means one thing: the film is moving forward, full throttle.

We had Miller from Cloverfield and the last Transformers installment joining the movie last time and now MMA fighter, Gina Carano will have a role in the live-action adaptation of The Merc with a Mouth. Carano is not the greatest actress, she is definitely a badass, but she was completely dubbed in Haywire.

The good thing about this, aside that she can do action, is that she has a small role in the movie. Gina Carano will be playing the role of Angel Dust. That is a character that appeared in a short comic called The Morlocks back in 2002, and it’s okay if you don’t know them because they’re not that popular.

The MorlockS is a team of outcast mutants that wouldn’t fit in the upper world. They’re not normal enough, and yes, you read “upper” right. These mutants live in the underground tunnels of New York City and Connecticut.

In the comic books, the character can control her adrenaline levels, temporarily making herself really strong. I assume we will see her do mostly action, since Fox wants no risk in the making of the movie. With good direction from Tim Miller we can get a good performance from Carano. What are your thoughts about Gina Carano playing Angel Dust in the Deadpool movie?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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