Rumor: Will Anjelina Jolie direct Captain Marvel?

By: Marv Castillo

Take this with a grain of salt because, for me, it sounds a little bit stupid. The following rumor comes from OK! Magazine.

Captain Marvel, I’m sorry, is not known. Marvel Tumblr fandoms say the opposite thing, but that people can’t really admit that know who Carol Danvers was after the Marvel Event last year. She is not a popular character, and could be a risky move. More dangerous than thinking about a Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

What could drag people into this movie? A star! And who will be that star? Angelina Jolie. But the actress will not take the role, if this is true, she will be directing the movie. It makes sense. Unbroken showed us that she is good, and her style fits with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This is what takes the rumor into the ground. According to OK! Magazine Angelina Jolie was offered 20 million dollars. This is crazy. Christopher Nolan is one of the biggest directors nowadays, and he earned $20 million for Interstellar. Ridley Scott, who is also great, takes $10 million.

Just in case you don’t how this Angelica Joly looks like.

Marvel Studios never gives a lot of money to their actors. Robert Downey Jr. got lucky because he receives his cash from back end deals and I believe that he has a lot of endorsements. But giving so much money to Angelina Jolie seems crazy but makes sense at the same time because Captain Marvel is unknown to most of the people. Also, Marvel may be following DC’s steps of having female directors for female lead movies.

What do you think?


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