Check the Marvel’s Daredevil teaser here

By: Marv Castillo

Eventually Matt Murdock will have to get his read suit. Anyways, this teaser accomplishes its mission: teasing. Remarkable things about this trailer is that we have a tone for this series, which is dark and gritty. The kind of tone doesn’t really fit most of the Marvel characters, but for the Marvel Knights it is exactly what it has to be.

The series looks cinematic and that’s great. Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter look like TV shows, but this one looks quite different than those, and it has the atmosphere of Batman movie directed by Christopher Nolan.

We get quick shots at Kingpin at some other characters, but also his radar vision is not really present the way I pictured it would be. There’s a scene where we can see something distorted over his shoulder. I believe they’re holding some things back, like the radar vision and the red suit.

However this is a great teaser for a show that everybody is already going crazy for. The series will be available on Netflix: April 10.


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