Let’s watch the first teaser for the Fantastic Four

By: Marv Castillo

The Thing is naked.

If you been around here for a long time, you will know that I was excited fot this movie. Josh Trank was on board and I had no problem with the cast involved in this film. However, plot rumors came (I reported some that were true, I skipped the ones I knew that were lies) and I lost interest. The studio never released a single photo of the team. We had some leaked pics of Doctor Doom, the Human Torch and the Thing, but those were not very clear. Fox is finally releasing some footage from this movie, and… I’m calmed. Actually, I’m very optimistic right now.

I won’t say this teaser is awesome, there’s not enough emotion ot anything. This is not the teaser for Avengers: Age of Ultron, where we get no smiles, but the teaser manages to keep itself exciting. However, it’s very interesting. I like how it looks. I like the shots.

The Fantastic Four first teaser unintionally looks like Interstellar in some ways, which is not a bad thing. This will be a handsome looking movie. Finally we will be able to see how Josh Trank films something ths not found footage like he did in Chronicle. Chronicle is a great movie, by the way. We get to see our team, but the superhero things are not there. There’s a shot were the Fantastic Four are together using their suits and the Thing is naked, but that’s it. Mr. Fantasctic stretches offscreen and Human Torch lights himself up for like, 2 seconds.

This movie definitely wants to be taken seriously. I know a lot about this movie, and the reason I’ve been so pissed is because I really wanted to have the Fantastic Four from the comics and this reboot was the perfect oportunity for that. This teaser did some good things for me, now I really want to see this movie. I’m not excited yet, I just want to see what we get. There are elements from the comics there, like the N Zone, so that could hype me up. I’m starting to think that they will have something that will look like the classic suits at the very end of the movie.

We don’t have a shot of Doom yet, maybe we will have to wait for later reveal in future trailers or the movie. I really think they will hold back the Thing (clear shots of the character where we can see his face) and Doctor Doom until the release of the movie.

Here’s a poster too, what do you think about the teaser?



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