Terminator Genisys trailer has arrived

By: Marv Castillo

I’m very confused about this one. At first, when a new sequel to the Terminator franchise was announced, I was pumped. Now, I’m just confused and trying to get stuff together in my head.

This trailer feels a little bit to much like the atmosphere and the situation in X-Men: Days of Future Past. There’s time travel involved just the original Terminator movie, but they’re are changing some events of the previous installments. There’s stuff from Judgement Day that makes this sequel look more like a remake, it’s just weird.

Really hoping the best for the movie over here. I always say: “It’s 2014, almost every visual effect in a movie is great.” So don’t justify the movie only because of the complex CGI. I’m worried about the story. I’ve heard that producer are not happy with Genisys. But, J.K. Simmons is involved, and he is a serious actor. I’m so confused. Judgement Day is one of my favorite films, I hope they don’t go back in time to change so much stuff about it. I know that the movie will keep itself intact as the movie it is, but a when someone plays too much with something that is canon, get’s me worried.

Cool imagery and a intringuing set-up. Really like Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor. I dislike some of the dialogue, but I hope to get a good Terminator movie. Since T2 we don’t have good stuff.



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