Ghostgirl will be adapted by Matthew Vaughn

By: Marv Castillo

Matthew Vaugh and his production company, Marv Films (heh) will bring Ghostgirl to the big screen, since he has purchased the rights. At this moment is not sure if Vaugh will serve as the movie’s director. But he will produce the film alongside Valerie Van Gader.

The Ghostgirl books, written by Tonya Hurley have become a worldwide smash since the series began in 2008. Published in 20 languages and selling over a million copies in Latin America alone, readers have flocked to the trilogy of books- which also include Ghostgirl: Homecoming and Ghostgirl: Lovesick.

Tonya Hurley has expressed her excited about Matthew Vaughn adapting her books.

I am beyond thrilled to have ‘Ghostgirl’ in the hands of such creative, capable and passionate filmmakers.


So, prepare to see the story of a teenage girl who is desperate to become popular despite being dead. Funny and dark thing about her death is the fact that she choked on a gummy bear. Personally, I would like to see Vaugh directing this one because of the ways he uses colors. It would be nice to see something different from him but with the same style. Bloggers keep saying that Tim Burton will be perfect for this, I disagree. I would prefer having an unknown director at the helm or just someone who will adapt the books properly. I’ve seen enough of the Tim Burton style movies, I like him to do his own thing. Guillermo del Toro proved he can make light and dark films, someone who can mix these two things would be great.

Source: Variety


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