Watch the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser today

By: Marv Castillo

It’s pretty awesome. I have to admit that I’m pretty satisfied with this trailer. I really knew everything that was coming,  I told my friends who were sending me links of fake trailers that the teaser will have just a few shots of the new characters and the Millenium Falcon will close the video. Yes, I knew most of the things that were going to happen, but I’m very surprised.  All those negative people probably are not aware that this is a teaser and not an actual trailer. We are more that one year away from Episode VII and others expect to see the full movie online right now for some fucking reason. Be patient and also, be grateful because we got to see some stuff before the year ends. It’s like a nice christmas present from Lucasfilm and I love it.

Notice how there’s no Leia, Han Solo, or Luke, like I said. Let the ones shine.

Right in this moment we don’t need to see them. We know them, we love them. Twitter users were complaining about the lack of the beloved characters from the original trilogy, but honestly, we had to see the new faces. Also, let’s remember that it’s very possible that these characters are not going to be in this entire new trilogy. I’m betting that Solo will die at some point in Episode VII based on Harrison Ford’s comments.

I like the new droid present in the teaser. I like it, I like it a lot. Looks fun and a good mix of old Star Wars but at the same time it looks modern. Daisy Ridley is in some kind of new speeder, which looks pretty good. I know some of her scenes in the movie, and actually we reported some, I can’t wait to finally watch Daisy Ridley in the big screen.

daisycloseuptrailerIs it me or does Oscar Isaac has a bruise on his cheek? And he looks pissed.


Remarkable things? The new style of filmmaking. J.J Abrams did this one, and it looks clearly different than the prequels and the original trilogy. It’s interesting how they managed to keep the soul of Star Wars here.

Plus, great shot of the new Millenium Falcon looks incredible. Good work.


To the negative comments. Everyone can share an opinion, I’m sharing mine, but if you’re saying this looks bad just for the sake of being the cool hating hipster, fuck you. Like, seriously, this is an awesome piece of work, and it’s a teaser. You know what a teaser means? It’s like a trailer for a trailer. Disney is just giving you a taste of the movie. Did you really expect to see two hours of footage? No, that’s dumb.

And I think the new lightsaber looks cool. Different, notice how it’s not fancy looking like the lightsabers in the past. I’ve seen concept art of those snowy woods, it’s so cool to finally see that in live-action.


If you didnt’t like it just because you didn’t I have nothing else to say to you. It’s your taste, I can’t change anything. And I’m glad you have your own voice and can communicate your thoughts and say you don’t feel good about something.

If you haven’t seen it, enjoy. I hope you like it. For me, it’s incredible, I can’t wait. I love this teaser.


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