The screenplay for Justice League Dark is ready

By: Marv Castillo

The source article comes from Forbes, which actually got confirmation of Guillermo del Toro himself. The director has been attached to a Justice League Dark since 2013, but there’s not a lot movement and news about the project until now.

Now the fate of the movie is in the hands of the studio execs who will read the script over the weekend and decide what to do with it. A lot of DC movies were announced some weeks ago, but for some reason, Justice League Dark wasn’t there. Probably the movie about the team formed by mystical and occult characters wasnt’t there because the script wasn’t ready at the time. The live-action adaptation of Shazam was present in the slate but The Rock tweeted that the movie will be its own thing and it’s not connected with the DC Cinematic Universe that Warner Bros. is building with most of the Justice League characters. Turns out this film is not going to be Justice League Dark anymore. The production is now called Dark Universe. Like Shazam, Dark Universe will not take place during the events of the DC Cinematic Universe and if the execs give the green light to the project, it will be its own franchise. Not connected to the universe established by Man of Steel.

There’s a lot of potential in this movie, not only the fact that this is something different. Studios turned superhero movies into dark and serious stuff, but they never really landed on actual dark territory, like Justice League Dark. Also, having the director of the Hellboy movies, who actually knows has to do these kind of films. If this get made, I can’t wait to see del Toro’s version of the Swamp Thing, creatures are his trademark.

Source: Forbes


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