Marvel has a list of possible actors for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage

By: Marv Castillo

Marvel is working with Netflix in some TV shows. Daredevil is finishing shooting and I’ve heard the pilot is really good, but in this moment, Marvel Television is seeking for actors to play Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Jessica Jones is going to be Marvel’s next show before Luke Cage debuts. They’re moving forward and if you know some about the comics, the characters I mentioned before cross over at some point. Luke Cage is an important part of Jessica Jones, they get married and have a child together.

Four actresses have been approached: Krysten Ritter, Teresa Palmer, Jessica De Gouw and Alexandra Daddario.

Cage will show up in six or seven episodes of Jessica Jones before having his own spin-off. That means he wil be there like in half of the season, who knows how much time Luke is going to be in the screen per episode. Marvel has two contenders for the role Lance Gross and Mike Colter, who is currently playing Master Chief in the Halo miniseries produced by Ridley Scott.

Source: Deadline


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