Zack Snyder will film the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents again

By: Marv Castillo

We saw it in the Burton movie’s, and in the reboot trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. The death of Batman’s parents is repeated over and over in the comic books. We have seen Thomas and Martha Wayne die so many times, it’s almost painful.

I’m starting to the get the feeling that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be a long movie. And by long and mean long. They’re giving personality to Superman and from what I’ve heard this is more of a Batman movie, so this character will have a lot of screentime. Then there’s the big, epic fight that we are all waiting for and many characters have to be introduced. The new characters will be introduced through cameos, and I guess Wonder Woman will be the member of the Justice League to have more time on screen, outside of Batman and Superman. It’s not called Trinity, she will not be in the movie all that much. But still, I think this will be a long flick now that we are entering the territory of Wayne’s childhood memories. I’m worried, how will they cover up all of that?

Marvel movies and the critically aclaimed X-Men: Days of Future Past did an outstanding job having many characters and stories in their screenplay. With Chris Terrio working as the writer of Dawn of Justice, I have some faith. This is like my most expected movie in life and I don’t want it to fail.

Chicago is Gotham again! "Batman vs Superman" is filming the Wayne's murder here in Uptown tonight.

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In the picture, we see that Mask of the Zorro will be part of the origin of Batman. I believe this is added in one of Frank Miller’s stories. We have some fresh stuff over here, and it’s good to see something different now that we are going witness the death of the Wayne’s again, and you know Snyder. Zack is popular because he takes the panels of the comic books and basically uses them as storyboards. The murder of little Wayne’s family will be some kind of frame-by-frame adaptation.

We recently saw the Wayne’s die again in the opening act of Gotham. Enough is enough?


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