Will Smith could play Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad

By: Marv Castillo

For me, it’s weird to see an actor like Will Smith in a movie where he is not the lead. I mean, like a year ago, I heard he doesn’t take roles where he is not the lead. Captain Boomerang has been one of those key characters in the Suicide Squad, but I’m surprised by the fact he is in this movie at all. DC and Warner are making these movie far too serious to have a Captain Boomerang in the mix. Maybe he will be all serious in this flick. Maybe he is not even called Captain Boomerang, they will probably called him “The Captain” or something like that because “Boomerang” sounds like he has a weird weiner. What if the team makes fun of him? And he gets all badass in he final act and earns the respect of the other of the Squad? Or maybe he gets all badass in the third act and dies, because Suicide Squad.

I really hope Smith takes the role to get some people into the theater to get this thing going. Suicide Squad could be DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy, I’m pretty sure I said that before. Will Smith is a funny guy, he may add something to the character. If a director like David Ayer wants him so bad to play a character in his movie, maybe is because he has something cool in mind and Smith is just the chosen one.


Jai Courtney is being eyed to play Deadshot. By the way: Fun fact… Will Smith is an American playing the Autralian villain Captain Boomerang. Courtney is an Australian actor playing  the American villain Deadshot. It would work better the other way around.

I’m excited for the Suicide Squad now that we have Harley written into the screenplay. Jai Courtney, I don’t know, man. Genisys doesn’t look all that great right now. I not sure if I can forgive Die Hard. This guy is a good actor, perhaps under the direction of Ayer, he will be an amazing Deadshot.


Also, is worth mentioning that Tom Hardy won’t reprise his role as Bane. This is a new universe, dummy. He is in talks to play Rick Flag. If you don’t know who this guy is, let me explain it to you. Rick Flag is the son of the founder of the Suicide Squad and he runs the team. It’s a cool character and if Hardy takes the role, he will steal the show.


Source: Variety


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