DC movie news roundup: Jared Leto and Margot Robbie in the mix for Suicide Squad

By: Marv Castillo

It’s been reported by some sites that Jared Leto will be the Joker in the new DC movies, Suicide Squad to be more specific. The Wrap, the source of all of this report, said that Leto is in talks for a role in the adaptation. The Joker is not even part of the team they’re bringing to the big screen but apparently Warner Bros. is adding more sellable characters to the movie. Harley Quinn is being written into the new script, like I said, who makes a Suicide Squad movie without Harley Quinn? But we will talk about that later.

I personally think Jared Leto is a great actor, not only his performance in Dallas Buyers Club is great, pretty much all of his work in cinema is good. That being said, I’m not prepared for another version of the Joker. My mind has been begging a new one, but now that we’re so close to get a new actor in the skin of another Clown Prince of Crime, I’m feel very insecure. Will Jared be a good Joker? I think he might be. We judge performances to soon, even before a movie is out in theaters and that is really weird. Being open minded is the key to enjoy a movie, so let’s do that. Jared Leto as the Joker? Maybe this is the reason why he is not Doctor Strange. But, anyways, remember this is a report. Nothing is confirmed yet.

Harley was mentioned above. I’m excited about that one. The Wolf of Wall Street was great but I was worried about this “Margot Robbie” included in the cast. She’s really beautiful but what if that’s it? She’s good looking and just eye-candy for the film? Nope. The movie came out and I was shocked. Robbie is really good, great line delivery in every moment she’s in the screen. The report of Margot Robbie playing Quinn comes from Collider, add some weight to the report. Comic book readers have nothing to fear if she is the chosen one to play the doctor gone mad, Harley Quinn.

Source: The Wrap/Collider


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