Ben Affleck’s trainer spills the bean about Batman

By: Marv Castillo

Ben Affleck looks like a beast right now. He is the biggest and could be the toughest Batman in history of cinema. Why is that? Well, because of Rehaan Jahali his trainer for the movie.

If you don’t want to know a lot about Dawn of Justice, my advice is to stay away from this post. But, you’re visiting a movie blog, you’re a film buff, right? There’s no really big surprises, but since Marvel is getting a lot of attention lately we could have DC Entertainment and Warner Bros in the spotlight for a while. No big announcements, huge spoilers or surprises, just a little bit of what people saw at San Diego Comic Con this year. We didn’t cover SDCC because this site was in a small hiatus, so let’s talk some Batman V Superman, shall we?

Jahali recently talked to a Batman-News source and shared some intel about the upcoming movie. The trainer told the source that:

  • There’s two Batsuits. We’ve seen them before in the SDCC footage and in the pictures Zack Snyder revealed some months ago in his Twitter account.  We are talking about the armored suit from The Dark Knight Returns and the regular suit Batman uses when he is not fighting Kryptonians.
  • The armor has some Kryptonian tech. Jahali described it as covered in kyptonite, I don’t imagine the suit as being bathed in kryptonite, but maybe there’s some pieces here and there that de-power Kal-El and makes the game easier for Batsy. Gotham’s favorite son is against fair-play apparently.
  • We know that the Dark Knight has two vehicles in the movie, one being the Batmobile and the other some sort of aircraft. Howevert Jahali said he saw two Batmobiles.

In their report, Batman-News also added some pictures of some kind of funeral and the grave of the Wayne family. Maybe this scene serves as a flashback or it’s an emotional bit that gets us to know Bruce Wayne a little better. Who knows? I said before that I’m sick of posting set pictures. You can see the entire report in their site.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice still one year and half away from the theaters, are you excited for the film as I am? Or are you more pumped about Marvel’s upcoming movies?

Source: Batman News.


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