An official look at Terminator Genisys

By: Marv Castillo

With Marvel and DC taking over the headlines of every movie site in the internet, sometimes you forget there’s some other highly anticipated films in development. Terminator Genisys, got Arnold Schwarzenegger some time ago and James Cameron came out with an explanation to have him on the movie. Today, Entertainment Weekly released two collector magazines featuring characters of the movie, including Matt Smith’s mystery role.

The site provides a twist in the film:

Sarah Connor isn’t the innocent she was when Linda Hamilton first sported feathered hair and acid-washed jeans in the role. Nor is she Hamilton’s steely zero body-fat warrior in 1991’s T2. Rather, the mother of humanity’s messiah was orphaned by a Terminator at age 9. Since then, she’s been raised by (brace yourself) Schwarzenegger’s Terminator—an older T-800 she calls “Pops”—who is programmed to guard rather than to kill. As a result, Sarah is a highly trained antisocial recluse who’s great with a sniper rifle but not so skilled at the nuances of human emotion.

Also the producer David Ellison said:

“Since she was 9 years old, she has been told everything that was supposed to happen. But Sarah fundamentally rejects that destiny. She says, ‘That’s not what I want to do.’ It’s her decision that drives the story in a very different direction.”

Check the covers below. Terminator Genisys is directed by Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) from a screenplay written by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier and is set to hit theaters on July 1, 2015.

descarga (1) descarga

Source: Entertainment Weekly.


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