Cara Delevingne up for female villain role in Suicide Squad

See how I picked a picture where she has red lips?

Harley Quinn is not included in the script of the Suicide Squad, but now that David Ayer is in involved in the project, it’s possible to have her in a new version. Like, who makes a Suicide Squad without Harley Quinn? The character is a fan favorite, there’s Harley Quinn cosplay everywhere.

Cara Delevingne who had a small role in Anna Keranina and who actually made a very nice job. Delevingne is also considered for fifth installment of the Pirate of the Caribbean franchise and she will also play a small part in the next Peter Pan movie directed by Joe Wright.

She definitely has the looks for Harley Quinn, but all she has under her belt is a small role in Anna Karenina. Good thing is: she has the attitude of the character, she’s funny, knows how to do funny faces, and she proved herself as an actress.

Suicide Squad is about a group of supervillains that are brought together to tackle high-risk missions for the government. Hopefully we’ll see Harley Quinn and hopefully she will be played by Cara Delevingne.


Source: Latino Review.


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