Suicide Squad team revealed and the rumored villain for the Justice League movie

By: Marv Castillo 

Suicide Squad has its team. It’s not the New 52 squad, take a look at the members. This was featured in Meet the Movie Press podcast. Do a favor to yourself and suscribe to this podcast, it’s great.

  • Blockbuster
  • Multiplex
  • Jaculi
  • Mindboggler
  • Harkness
  • Vixen
  • Deadshot


Umberto says the most featured characters in this movie, besides Deadshot will be Vixen and Harkness.

Yesterday, scoop master, El Mayimbe from Latino-Review, dropped a rumor of the Justice League. One of the greatest DC Comics, or just the Superman universe, Brainiac will be the bad guy in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice follow-up.

El Mayimbe has a great track record, he is someone I really trust. While it looks like he was wrong about Nightwing in the Batman V Superman, remember that Warner Bros changed  the script some times. Probably the character got lost in one of those earlier scripts. Brainiac makes sense, and apparently Darkseid will be saved up for later.

This is probably the first time in years that DC will introduce a “new” villain on big screen since Batman Begins. If this is true, I can wait to see concept art of the character. I would like to make some fan concept art myself, Brainiac is a fan favorite and I’m glad that Warner Bros is making this move.


Source: Meet the Movie Press


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