Horror month: six things to know about Annabelle

By: Marv Castillo

James Wan’s new production directed by John R. Leonetti hits theaters this weekend. Annabelle is based on true events and being completely honest, it didn’t freak me out, wasn’t the horror movie I was waiting for and you can read a review here. I found some fun facts that can make the movie more interesting and probably less creepy. These are six facts about the secondary star in James Wan’s The Conjuring, taken from the website of Ed and Lorraine Warren. If you saw The Conjuring  you know these people.

1. Annabelle actually exists

Yes, it doesn’t look like the original in the movie, but Annabelle actually exists. The doll can be found inside the Warren Occult Museum, in Monroe, Conneticut. Annabelle is inside a wooden box with a cross and a sign with the words: “Warning. Positively do not open.” Annabelle is different in real life, the film portrays it a porcelain doll. The doll actually looks like the classic Raggedy Ann doll. In my opinion they had to use something more honest to the original Annabelle, and change stuff about it to make more creepy. The porcelain doll is just way too terrifying, who owns that? annabelle-doll-real

2. She is the worst birthday present, ever

The movie adaptation shows the owners as a happy married couple. The doll used to belong to Donna, a nursery student. Annabelle was a birthday present that she received for her 28th birthday, from her mother who got the doll from a second-hand toy shop.

After a few days, Angie, Donna’s roommate, found out that Annabelle was weird. Yeah, no shit. tumblr_mo4sl0e7jO1s8q7wpo1_500 3. She got the moves like Jagger

After a few days in Angie’s and Donna’s home, they noticed that the doll was able to change positions during the day. She could cross legs and fold her arms, things like that. Sometimes she could be found upright, standing on its feet, leaning against a chair in the dining room. “Several times Donna, placing the doll on the couch before leaving for work, would return home to find the doll back in her room on the bed with the door closed.” said the Warrens.

4. It can write messages

Angie and Donna didn’t own papers in their apartment,but for some reason they found a buch of notes around their home. According to the investigators, the notes said: “Help us” and they seemed to be written by a small child.

5. It’s the spirit of a little girl

After living for months in the apartment, Donna thought all the incidents that happened in the last months were products of a robbery in her home. One night, she came back to her apartment and found Annabelle with its chest and hands covered in blood. Scared, the girl called a medium and during the session they found out the name of a seven-year-old girl called Annabelle Higgins who died in the property. Donna and Angie permitted the spirit to inhabit the doll after the spirit told the medium that she felt comfortable living with the girls. Personally, I would run the hell out of that apartment.

6. Annabelle attacked Lou

Lou was a friend of Donna and Angie who often expressed he despised the doll. One night, Lou woke up in the middle of the night with the doll slowly crawling on his leg, it jumped on his chest and then strangle him. After what happened, Lou thought that was nothing but a bad dream and he said he passed out after the strangulation.

The next day, Lou entered to her friend’s apartment after hearing some weird noises and felt a strange presence when he was trying to find a thief. Then, he got hit by some strange force that let him seven marks of different claws on his chest.


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