Horror month: Revisiting Carrie (1976)

Just to get things started. I hate when people laugh at good but old movies. This happens a lot when I play the movie, someone laughs at the movie. Maybe it is becaus of the sound effects every time that Carrie uses her abilities. But if you’re one of those people who laugh at old movies, I have this extract from a recent interview with Quentin Tarantino.

“Look, there’s some wild, funny weird and silly shit that happens in some of these movies, and it’s okay to laugh. But laugh because it’s funny—don’t laugh because you’re just trying to show how superior you are to the movie,” Tarantino cautions. “You get no points for laughing at an old movie just because it’s old. You look like an idiot.”

Old horror films are incredible, I’m not being a hipster, they just are. Pure creativity. Of course, there’s a lot of great movies in our time, yesterday I mentioned James Wan’s The Conjuring and there’s a lot more movies. Most of the horror movies I personally love are from the past, like, way behind. Even disturbing horror is back there, Tod Browning’s Freaks is very unsettling and it was released in 1932. That being said, let’s start.

Carrie is a great movie that maybe everyone should see at least once in their life. Based on a novel written by Stephen King and directed Brian De Palma, Carrie tells the story of, well, Carrie White a girl who gets her first period in the showers of her highschool. She freaks out after this, screams, runs, she asks for help, naked and vulnerable. What follows this? Of course, she gets bullied by her volleyball mates. “Plug it up, plug it up, plug it up” say the girls while throwing tampons at Carrie. The scene may funny as I describe it, but this is not a feel good scene, it’s quite horrible in the good way. Sissy Spacek, who plays Carrie, brings a lot to the character, not only her awkwardness, but also the fear and anger in the last scenes of the movie.

I’m not sure if should write a lot about Carrie, maybe I could spoil some events of the movie, but a fun thing about the movie is that is one most spoiled movies by marketing, ever. The trailer gives away pretty much every piece of story and even the poster shows the final scene. Anyways, my choice will be not to talk to much about the movie even if the remake with Chloë Grace Moretz was released last year, I want you to enjoy the film. It’s good.

Brian De Palma does an amazing work as the director of the movie because he is Brian De Palma. He just adds so much style and substance to the movie, it just makes more interesting. The characters are multidimensional and you care about their existence even if they come out annoying as Carrie’s mom, who is a Jesus fangirl. 1976’s adaptation of King’s novel for me doesn’t really falls just as a horror movie, but it’s good drama. It sets things up, making stuff interesting. Don’t expect to be scared by Carrie, there’s no monsters or serial killers knocking doors and killing teenagers, expect a good time,a nice story, and that ending… that what’s Carrie has to offer.

If your plan is to watch horror movies in October, don’t let this one out.


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