Horror month: V/H/S movie review

”I like you.”

Found footage movies are getting really old and annoying, we are all tired of the ”Paranormal Activity” tradition of releasing a movie every year but ”V/H/S” is a horror anthology movie that contains 5 stories. Horror anthology is my favorite horror movie style, I love short stories put together to build a greater thing, so I was excited about this film.

It starts slowly, it starts like your father’s videotapes. Our parents record every single thing that happens, that’s the reason with family tapes are so boring. “That’s my kitchen, that’s the bedroom, my son. There’s my wife.”

So, the film starts with this group misfits hired by some people to steal some tapes and these guys are doing crazy stuff and trying to rape women, things like that, but they are recording every thing that happens, since they put their plan in execution. Just to make things clear, the person who wrote the dialogue is not Quentin Tarantino and there’s a lot of conversation after the movie hits the first minute. I wouldn’t call it a slow burn, it has a tought start, but then we get to see a house where the a weird guy lives and he owns a very creepy collection of videotapes.

The film has a thing that Matt Reeves did some years ago with ”Cloverfield”, the movie cuts and shows other bits of a different tape because the guy who is filming the whole thing is recorded on a used tape. The first 10 minutes feel eternal, but when the first VHS tape starts the movie gets different, it gets darker and you have the feeling that something bad is about to happen.

V/H/S is a hard R film, expect blood, sex, nudes, blood again. If you enjoy that and if you enjoy horror in general, not only the classics, you are probably going to have some fun with the movie.

This film accomplished the mission, is very disturbing. However, character develpment is not present in the movie, protagonists of every short are introduced are cardboard dull characters which are being set up to be killed later. Just like in pretty much every horror movie in the last three decades, it has some clichés but the film finds a way to keep the story working even if these predictable bits are walking around the picture.

Trying to manage a realistic tone, V/H/S keeps conversations and most of the scenes long and they look kinda grounded, but did use some music on top to give a little jump scare, and that just breaks the whole thing. Anyways, the movie is scary, disturbing, and it accoplished the goal. That’s what horror movies have to do, scare. I always like to see more dramatic movies like, say, The Exorcist. But V/H/S bothered me, I think it’s good. Just like in every anthology films, there will be strong shorts and some of them will feel weak. Two of them are really good, the first one and the last one.

I hope they don’t fall in the same pit as Paranormal Activity did.


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