Dracula Untold could be a part of the Universal Monsterverse

By: Marv Castillo

As some of you may know, Universal – just like every other studio – is planning their own cinematic universe, the Monsterverse. The Mummy, a modern day adventure film, will start officially this new franchise. But Universal is also about to release their Dracula Untold, and some of us wondered if this movie may be a part of their cinematic universe.

Devin Faraci’s sources say that the film had reshoots some months ago in order to make it fit into this larger story that is being planned. While The Mummy begins the universe, the new Dracula movie serves as some kind of prologue for the larger series.

I think they changes made in the film were nothing big, in case this movie fails at the box office. Some are saying this is not a good movie, so the connection between this movie and the others will be light.

Source: Badass Digest


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