About that Star Wars Episode VII huge spoiler

By: Marv Castillo

Star Wars Episode VII is my most expected movie of 2015, more than Avengers: Age of Ultron and most than many other films of that year. Having friends and some contacts that work in movie news sites is great and I get a lot of information. I don’t want to know everything. I don’t want to write about everything, especially of the news are insignificant. Yesterday news, weren’t spoilers. Like I said, they were some kind of tiny nuggets, just saying were some characters live or what kind of role an actor has in this movie. If you sit down and think about it, you still don’t know a lot about the story. Yes, you have some cool information about the plot and you know some things that you could expect in the final cut of the movie, but really, the movie-going experience is not ruined. That being said, there’s a huge leak about Star Wars and it shouldn’t be posted anywhere.

I’m not saying I’m afraid of spoilers. Everytime my friends spoil a movie or show for me, I’m not going to lose control. Most of spoilers aren’t that shocking, but there are some things that you shouldn’t tell anyone when they’re about to see a movie. Maybe the ending the of The Sixth Sense or the big reveal in Empire Strikes Back, are big spoilers… and what I read today, is probably the biggest Star Wars spoiler since Episode V.

I didn’t go to a site and read the whole story, it wasn’t my own fault. I hate to say when things are not my fault, I never do that. But seriously, it wasn’t my own fault. When you enter a movie blog or something like that, the title of the big news never reveal what the article is about if spoilers are contained in the post. There’s a lot of spoiler alerts and you read that at your own risk. What I’m trying to say is: some asshole spoiled the movie for me on Twitter, instead. He just posted it and it landed on my feed. Thanks.

After reading the reveal, I started thinking that it’s most likely to be bullshit, but I visited /Film and Badass Digest and turns out they can back that up. What I read, was the actual big reveal of the film. By the way, thanks to /Film and Badass Digest for not posting any of those stuff even if you have the information. That just make those sites better. In movie geek blogs we are here to discuss films, not to ruin them, not to get clicks in the site.

You’re excited about the new movie, we get it, don’t go and publish a big spoiler in a site that pretty much everyone visits. Don’t spoil the big reveal of a big flick for your followers. It’s not cool, you’re not cool. You’re ruining the movie. I think my movie-going experience is not entirely ruined, I can enjoy Episode VII. But still, that asshole on Twitter didn’t think twice before posting a huge spoiler that could make the film way more fun. If you read the leak, don’t post it anywhere, don’t tell your friends, don’t link it to your site or Twitter profile. Just be quiet. Maybe you can hit yourself in the head thousands of times, probably you’ll forget the big reveal if you do that.



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