Stephen King and JJ Abrams team up to make a 11/22/63 mini-series

By: Marv Castillo

Time travel and Kennedy’s assassination is coming to Hulu. Stephen King and Star Wars Episode VII director JJ Abrams will turn 11/22/63 into a live-action adaptation, like I said, for Hulu. This will be a nine-hours series, so don’t worry about getting some of the material lost just to save time like it happens or movies. I’m quite sure that the production won’t suffer the same fate as Under the Dome, do not fear. 11/22/63 is novel written by Stephen King and published in 2011 about a man time-traveling to the years before Kennedy’s assassination in an attempt to prevent it.


The show will be produced by Bridget Carpenter, of Friday Night LightsParenthood and Dead Like Me.

Source: The Verge


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