Fox targeting a PG-13 rating for Deadpool

By: Marv Castillo

This is half fact and half rumor. What I’m going to tell you is what I heard from Nerdist and AMC Movie Talk. Why would I could call it a rumor? This is not confirmed by Fox, but let’s talk about it, just because it’s a interesting subject.

People say that the reason why a Deadpool movie was greenlit is because Tim Miller, the director, told Fox he could make this get a PG-13 rating and the studio seems to be happy with that statement. Now, let’s break this into pieces. Why is a PG-13 rating better for a movie? Well, you’re targeting a bigger audience, more people can come and see this movie and it will give more money to the studio. Deadpool is the second highest selling comic book right now, you can’t say this is not a popular character. Almost everyone and their mom loves Deadpool.


Tim Miller, figured out how to make the script I read PG-13 and I don’t know how is this going to get that rating. He says that he can get the money making rating without taking out the essence of the screenplay, so let’s wait and see.

The leaked test footage was directed by Miller, and you know what? You’ll be surprised, that a was a PG-13 rated clip. There’s only one F-Bomb, we didn’t see any blood and the language used in the video was pretty much okay. I wouldn’t call it the Disney version of Deadpool, never, but we can agree that we had our fun watching the Merc with a Mouth in live action.

However, the screenplay is loaded with dirty words and even if I’m not one of those idiots amused by bad words, I must say, dirty mouth Deadpool is very funny. An R rating will suit him perfectly, is where this movie belongs, but why would Fox make this a PG-13 movie? This is all about money, but the next point explains how much money this film may loose.

Watchmen is the highest grossing R rated comic book film of all time with $185,258,983. The production budget was $130 million. A Deadpool movie will not cost $6 million. I don’t think it will have a $100 million budget, starting because we are probably going to get a CGI star in this adaptation but they have to make a safe bet. I understand.

In conclusion, is it better to get a PG-13 Deadpool than no adaptation of the Merc with a Mouth? This rating will definetly hurt the screenplay in some ways but if Tim Miller says he can do a fun film without taking out the essence I think we can go with it. But, if you ask me, I would make this movie rated R, just like everyone says online. I’m sorry it’s just better.


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