The Teen Titans could come into your TV screen soon

By: Marv Castillo

I don’t know how to react about a Teen Titans live-action TV. Some days ago, I reported here the rumor of a Legion of Superheroes movie, and I said probably a Teen Titans adaptation was a better idea. Back in the 80’s – and these are comments I friend of mine who has a comic book shop shared – the Teen Titans was the most popular comic book. I didn’t know that, I was born in the 90’s… in the last years I have picked some of the old comics and I’m amazed by how good they were, this is going to do a great TV show if it’s done right, of course.

The relationship of these characters and just the concept of the team is something very interesting, because it’s a team mainly formed by sidekicks: Nightwing, Starfire, Beast Boy, aka Changeling, Cyborg, and Raven.

Teen Titans would work better as a movie. Why? Budget. What I read so far about this is that TNT will bring this team to life and that’s something that keeps me worried. Beast Boy… come on, just think about the make-up and the CGI they have to add into this guy. Starfire? Man, what about Cyborg? What about Raven?

This is not the same property as Green Arrow, where they can be cheap and still make a very good show, the Teen Titans is not only about character traits. Another things that’s exciting about these guys are their powers and they new some hardcore CGI. Just thinking how crappy Beast Boy may look terrifies me. I hope TNT is not looking at this property as just a show that will give them a lot of money, please treat them with love. These characters have fans and they’re insanely popular, not Justice League or Avengers popular, but they are all pretty well known.

Other factor that is definitely mocking me is that the screenwriter in charge of the pilot is Akiva Goldsman… he wrote Batman and Robin, so… yeah. I hope this man learned from his mistakes and finally writes something good about superheroes, because that last Batman movie he wrote was pretty bad. Let’s remember that Joel Schumacher was the director of that movie and he kept reminding the team that Batman was a cartoon, maybe the way that movie turned out was most of his fault and not Goldsman’s. Anyways, let’s hope for the best. The source material is great and we can get a great show.


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