Cool stuff I found online

By: Marv Castillo

I’m not a selfish man, here’s some stuff I found online – here we go.

One. We know that now you can own Godzilla on Blu-ray, and like I said in my review: This is not a perfect movie, but I really liked it. Watch the movie again, in 8-bit form. This looks like a badass game, I would like to play this with my phone and if you haven’t seen Godzilla this is going to spoil the whole movie, so if you don’t like spoilers, stay away from this video. This one comes from IGN and it’s pretty sweet because it has the score from the movie and everything.

Two. What if Batman’s parents aren’t really dead? This one comes from Nerdist. Do you smoke?

Three. The cover for Spider-Woman #1 is not the best thing ever in Marvel’s history. This is a step backwards for the company. Artists are supposed to take these characters seriously. I’m not speaking here as comic book fan, this is about respect to a character that has personality. A Spider-Woman who has tits, ass, but no personality is not interesting at all. I buy the comic books to read good stories, not to see pictures that seem taken out of a porn parody. Anyways, I not sure if I can post the image in this site, so I’m just going to give the link to you can see what The Oatmeal did after looking at the cover Spider-Woman #1. Click here to see it.

Four. Check out this Homemade Movie with Max Landis. American Werewolf in London!

I will update this post when the week ends.


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