I’m done with set pictures

By: Marv Castillo

I think I might be done with set pictures. It was cool to see the Batmobile before a lot of people, but here’s why I’m not gonna post set pictures anymore, only if they are important.

You should not care about the set pictures of any movie. We are getting a lot of sequels, we already know how things are supposed to look like. The new Batmobile was a different case. Zack Snyder uploaded the very first Batmobile picture some months ago and we got to see some of its feature, but other than that, it wasn’t a very clear photograph… everything was covered in smoke. This time we had the chance to see the Batmobile from almost every angle and it was cool while it lasted and then, Snyder posted another picture – an official picture – of Affleck’s new ride. 

Early this morning some Millenium Falcon were all around the internet, and I was about to post something about them. But you know what? The Millenium Falcon looks like the Millenium Falcon and that’s great, what else should I add? They’re a making a new episode in the Star Wars franchise, of course Han’s ship has to look the same. Yes, Star Wars: Episode VII is happening and everyone knows that. I created this site as a hobby, to report news with my own opinion, even if they’re small. Posting pictures to get clicks is not my thing. 

I’m grateful with the people who frequently visit this blog, we relaunched it last month and the views are increasing, but really, what you guys are reading are actual movie news, not some that Perez Hilton may publish in his website. This paparazzi thing drives me nuts and I don’t wanna be a part of it. I will post some set pictures if it’s legal and if it’s important. We know the Millenium Falcon is in the movie, we know how that thing looks like, Disney is not working on a reboot. 

I hope you guys understand, some sites are quite good posting set pictures, you can visit them if you wanna see those things, but I’m really done posting those. I go to University, I have other work to do and I have this blog. It’s tiring to write about set pictures that actually don’t mean anything. If I find something cool, I will publish it here for sure and share my comments. 



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