Let’s talk rumors: Warner wants to put Legion of Superheroes in development

By: Marv Castillo

Movie news have been dry these days, we don’t have a lot of announcements other than Iron Man 4 is not going to happen right now and that Judge Dredd may have a prequel. Sorry for not writing about this hot rumor. I was very confortable in my couch watching Little Miss Sunshine and I forgot I had a blog, because like I said earlier, there no news today.

About two hours ago, Umberto “El Mayimbe” González from Latino-Review, dropped a rumor that comes from a source he trusts. Warner is sending comic books of Legion of Superheroes to their screenwriters for takes. You know how that works? When a studio wants to adapt some form of media (book, comics, tv shows) they send some of the source material to the writers, so they can see what they can do with the characters and the story. This means we are going to have to wait for a while – if the rumor is true – to see a greenlit project.

I like this team, is not surprise that after Guardians of the Galaxy crushed summer box office, people is more interested in space movies. This would have been a great moment to release the Prometheus sequel — just saying, Ridley. Anyways, I don’t know which version of the comic books we are going to see in the big screen if this happens. The Legion of Superheroes have been rebooted five times. However, we may see the three founding members: Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad.

Ignore Supes.
Ignore Supes.


Now, if this a good idea? Maybe it is. I mean, space films are hot right now. We are getting Interstellar, the Avatar sequels, and obviously, the long awaited Star Wars Episode VII. But let’s remember, Man of Steel, Superman himself made less domestically than Guardians of the Galaxy. Obviously Batman is going to save the sequel and Batman V Superman will be a giant hit, but is it really the time to release a not-so-well-known team into those 9 films Warner is planning? Legion of Superheroes was clearly far more popular that Guardians of the Galaxy before the movie hit theaters. Those characters had their own animated TV show, but maybe a Teen Titans movie is a better idea? Warner needs to be ballsy, but I don’t think Legion of Superheroes will be the hit that Guardians of the Galaxy is in this moment. If it is, I will eat my words.

DC properties are far behind in this race, Marvel is about to hit Phase Three of their cinematic universe and we are going to see the second movie in the DC franchise in two years, a little bit less than that. We need to get franchises such as Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman going, then we can focus in lesser known properties. I’m just saying, a Teen Titans movie would be a better film, their story is very rich and you can do a lot with the characters and they’re well known. You can even connect them to the Justice League storyline, not directly, though. I’m just saying Teen Titans easter eggs in some DC movies would be great… and yes, I know Cyborg will be in Batman V Superman, we can take different routes.

If this rumor is true, I’m thrilled, I would like to see this movie and it will prove that Warner has balls, but in the other hand, I feel very confused, why Legion of Superheroes right now? Why not some Teen Titans? 

Source: Latino-Review


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