Is a Godzilla vs. King Kong movie possible?

By: Marv Castillo

The last edition of San Diego Comic Con was huge. We didn’t get extreme announcements like the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, called “Batman vs. Superman” back then, and the first teaser trailer of Avengers: Age of Ultron. This year we got to hear the plans that each studio has for the future, one of them was the Godzilla sequel and the other project is a Skull Island movie, so… King Kong. We will get another King Kong movie.

Legendary Pictures was recently bought by Universal and now Godzilla is their property. In this moment the Marvel Cinematic Universe is highest-grossing franchise of all time, is not a surprise that many studios are interested in building their own cinematic universe with their characters. Sony is developing the Spiderverse, Marvel will grow their cinematic universe, Warner is working in Batman V Superman and future superhero movies and Universal will reboot their monsters and then, build a universe with them.

Godzilla will be released June 8, 2018. Don’t expect to see a crossover before that date. Guillermo del Toro also said he had some interest in filming some kind of Pacific Rim vs. Godzilla crossover. But we are talking about a fantasy that seems to be possible only in the mind of a fan, a CGI fest called: Godzilla vs. King Kong.

Would I be excited if that happens? Yes, absolutely. I love the first Godzilla vs. King Kong, it is very cheesy, but I like it. Just imagine an updated version of that movie. Picture in your head a fight between these two iconic characters, with the desgin of the new Godzilla and the new King Kong, I assume we are going to have some great eye candy. That movie would look awesome. But let me ask another question, is it a good idea? Godzilla is probably the most beloved monster in movie history. Everyone knows Godzilla, they may have never seen a movie featuring him, but the design of this character is so unique and recognizable that you can’t really run away from it (heh, “run away from it). What I’m trying to say is that Godzilla film is always a guaranteed hit, this monster is almost like Batman, design-wise you would recognize his spikes anywhere and everybody knows Godzilla. This film may be inevitable now that Godzilla and King Kong fan are salivating for this crossover, but I don’t think it is possible, and here’s why:

1. The last King of the Monsters movie was starting a franchise. Yes, it has a definitive ending, but we are open for a sequel, and that sequel is happening… it will happen in a very long time, 2018, but it is going to happen. This big Godzilla story is not really over, we are going to have some kind of Destroy All Monsters thing in the sequel, that’s all I know about it. Oh, and motherfucking Mothra, Ghidorah and Rodan will show up at some point in the movie.

The appereance of these monsters open the possibilty of a whole new world filled with weird monsters out there, and that’s what some of my friends say to justify the fact that King Kong will confront Godzilla in a future movie. There’s more stuff out there.

And I disagree, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. We are talking about a world that was in Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures hands before Universal bought Legendary. The creatures in the latest Godzilla movie were some kind of prehistorical beings and they were huge, like they were ridiculously big. Guess who’s big too? That’s my second point here.

2. Godzilla is way too big. It is ok for Godzilla to be huge, that’s part of him. He will keep growing with the buildings. King Kong, in the other hand, nope. He is tiny compared with this new Godzilla. I know they can make a new design for him, and it is obvious they will, but how big? Imagine a 150 meter King Kong, that would be dumb. As a joke, I told to a friend of mine that a realistic fight between these two beasts, would be King Kong sucking Godzilla’s dick. He is just too a small to fight that thing.

Did you see the last Godzilla movie? You should have, because I’m dropping some spoilers. He fights two MUTOs, monsters that insanely big, the female MUTO is slightly smaller than Godzilla and the male is not really that big, but still huge. The movie didn’t portray the fight as a big challenge, so just picture these overpowered Godzilla – he has the atomic breath now – fighting a King Kong, who is not really the version of the character created by Toho.


Did you know that? Toho has its own King Kong, with powers and different habilities. What’s the problem here? Toho’s King Kong is not from Skull Island, he comes from a place called Faro Island. Universal new movie is called Skull Island, but of course they can change the origin. Skull Island sounds way more familiar than Faro Island, it is a better way to market the movie, but for hardcore fans it is not going to make any sense.


3. King Kong has a good story, let’s not ruin that. Skull Island is a prequel, by the way, a prequel offered to Joe Cornish. I’m sure they shake up some of the things we know about the character, but we are not going to get a Toho-like King Kong. I assume we will are going to see something similiar to the last King Kong movie direceted by Peter Jackson.

Making this beast an overpowered god who suddenly attacks a city is not really the brightest idea. Right in this moment, I think it will be better to keep these properties separate, different stories, different universes. There’s no need to ruin King Kong’s classic story adding him into a Godzilla movie. The best move for Universal, as movie makers, as storytellers, is to leave this big guy alone and just focus in good stories, more than box office success. It is clear that Godzilla future films will make more money now that we will finally see him fighting in the movie more monsters, classic monsters. And obviously, Skull Island is going to make more that $350 million worldwide, if it’s good.

If the producers are setting up a crossover it will help this movies in a massive way. Just look at the Marvel movies, you kinda had to see Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Captain America: The First Avenger, and Thor before watching the Avengers. But we are talking about superheroes, not big monsters. Universal can keep the idea of making crossovers of the classic monsters – I’m talking about The Wolf Man, Dracula, Frankestein and those folks – because it is honestly a better idea. The idea of an Universal monsters crossover in the future is more… down to Earth.

Keep their own stories alone, Edwards and Borenstein were building a new world and adding King Kong into that universe seems like a rushed move. Am I going to see the movie if it comes out? Of course I am. I spend a lot of money in the movie theater. Sure, I’m going to pay the ticket and enjoy some fights, but what about general audiences? Watching monsters fighting is cool and it entertains, but let’s not forget good storytelling and well created characters. Would it be another Man of Steel where everyone dies? Is this movie going to be nothing more than a CGI fest that will ruin the Godzilla storyline that Edwards is working on? Or is it going to be a critically aclaimed box office hit? Anywaus, best of luck, Universal.



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