The Vision is here

By: Marv Castillo

You know I have no problems when the creative team in a movie makes huge departures from the comics. I expected The Vision to look just like a robot, no cape, no costume, just the basic synthezoid we see in the comics. Some time ago we had our first look, back in San Diego Comic Con when Marvel Studios released the huge Avengers: Age of Ultron poster, he has a cape! 

And now, here it is, The Vision. I zoomed the picture earlier, but it looks really bad, wait to see him in further posters, but here’s the first look.

ztngjlh__spanThree  things: 

  1. The guy is standing in front of Black Widow, rude.
  2. The Avengers Tower.
  3. The Vision not only looks like Paul Bettany, he also has the jewel in his head!

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