Dredd sequel that’s probably not going to happen may be a prequel

By: Marv Castillo

Fans want more Judge Dredd movies. The last 2012 film, starring Karl Urban, bombed at the box office. Dredd didn’t even make its budget back, grossing $41million to a production budget of $45 million. No, guys, Blu-ray sales are not that big of a deal for a movie that was supposed to make $100 million when it hit theaters.

However, Urban likes to be incendiary when it comes to comic book conventions and he won’t stop dropping comments about a Dredd sequel. The actor appeared this weekend in Chicago Comic Con and said the sequel could happen but in the shape of a prequel and there’s a possibility of making the movie despite the first Dredd bombed. His exact words: 

“Why yes, there is a definite possibility. But, it is more likely that we will do the origins story with Dredd trekking through the cursed earth to find the first Chief Judge Fargo.

For those who are wondering: Who the hell is Fargo?

Fargo was the first Judge, and Dredd was cloned from him. Yup, Judge Dredd is a clone. I don’t know about this, guys, a sequel would probably the best option, I’m sick of the origin stories. Let’s hope – if it happens – the movie is good.

Source: Movieweb


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