Top trailers and posters of the week, plus bald Eisenberg

By: Marv Castillo

This was a weak week for trailers (heh), we don’t have a lot but horror movies, and a comedy, here we go.

ABCs of Death was fun little movie, some time ago the sequel was greenlit and here we are… ABCs of Death 2, looks fun, just like its predecesor. We have the green band version of the trailer, if you want to see a red band trailer you can find it yourself, its pretty much the same thing but with blood.

Horrible Bosses, was an entertaining film. Was the sequel necessary? I don’t know, let’s wait and see. Hopefully, Horrible Bosses will not follow the steps of the Hangover franchise. By the way: “Peanuts. Penis?

Isn’t it weird? We are getting a lot of sequels. Gareth Edward’s debut that lead him to Godzilla now has a sequel called: Monsters: Dark Continent.

Dracula Untold has a lot of bats.

I don’t know a lot of God Help the Girl, but I do like how this movie looks like and Emily Browning is adorable.

We didn’t have a flood of poster this week, I’m just pointing out the cool, good and extremely well done movie posters I’ve found this past few days. Some of them are Hunger Games Mockingay (not the Katniss one, though), Hendrix biopic and some more.

jimi_all_is_by_my_side_poster Ads! Logos! But it has a lot of color and spirit, the Jimi Hendrix biopic looks quite interesting.


Ok, this just looks beautiful. Jason Reitman? Whaaat? I can’t wait.


Why? Because Natalie Dormer, that’s why.

I’m done with set pictures. Its fun to speculate but overall those are boring pictures, this is the main reason why I didn’t write anything about Gotham City’s Jail, it was a doorway. Yes, the fact that they have some other pictures of Batman’s villain gallery is great, but there’s nothing to write about that, maybe I will tweet a link with those photos, so you guys can se them and you can discuss about them. I want this to be a movie a blog and not Perez Hilton. Having set pictures of Avengers: Age of Ultron was fun while it lasted but I think that’s it. Besides, I think its illegal to upload these pictures with absolute no permission into your site.

I’m glad that introduction is out of the way, this is the last one guys, just because I want people to shut up about the idea of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. “Ugh, he is not bald.” Guess what? He is bald, bald like an 8-ball. Our new Lex is wearing a wig in this picture, which could mean:

  1. He is bald for the Lex Luthor role.
  2. Jesse Eisenberg likes wigs.

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